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B2B Marketing – Social Media Article Marketing

B2B (business to business) marketing is the practice of individuals or organizations to facilitate sales of their goods to other companies or organizations that in turn resell them or use them as components in their own products or services. Due to the nature of the business, offerings are often specific and marketing efforts should be similar to that of niche marketing in that the products or services are specialized.

How Article Marketers Make Money With Articles

I believe it is a common misconception that with article marketing and article writing, that the articles themselves make someone money. Because it is not the article itself that makes you money – it is what you do with the article that makes (or does not make) you money.

The Most Effective Way of Link Building Using Free Articles Directory

So, you have a website and you want to promote it effectively. The most result oriented way of publicizing your website is to write articles about your niche and submit it to Free Articles Directory.

Article Marketing – What Is It, How Does It Work and Is It Worth It?

So what is article marketing and can it really help your business? Read further and you decide. Article marketing is not a new concept. It’s been around since print media began filling the empty page. The way it worked then, before the internet, is much the same as it works now.

Article Marketing – A Great Resource for Small Business

Article marketing is designed to boost a company’s website traffic, and small business owners especially can and do see an increase in traffic as a result of this strategy. Additional traffic means additional revenue and who doesn’t need that?

Article Directories – Submissions

Submitting an article to an article directory is a free resource that allows you to present a well written article that ties in some way to your products, services or expertise in exchange for a brief bio and link back to your own website. Anyone is free to use your article in their blog or on their website provided they keep the author info and links intact. Basically it’s a free way to increase your site’s online presence, and acquire backlinks which are important elements in search engine optimization.

Article Writing for Article Directories

Writing an article for an article directory won’t guarantee increased traffic to your site or a higher rank in search engines. There are specifics you need to pay close attention to in order to ensure maximum return on your efforts.

How to Use Articles to Increase Your PageRank on Google

When you submit articles for inclusion into article directories, you should know that there is nothing new that has not been done before. But does it really work? That is a definite YES!

Backlinks – What They Are and How They Help Your Website

Back-links are quite simply an incoming link to your website from another site. Originally they were used as a primary means of web navigation but today their importance lies in search engine optimization. The story goes that the more back-links you have, the higher your page rank. But what many people don’t understand is that the quality of the back-link is also important.

Do Your Articles Receive The Recognition They Deserve?

You’ve written articles and had them published on the Internet. Are they doing their job? Are you getting backlinks to your sites?

Why You Should Not Submit Your Article With Article Submitter Software

Article submitter software doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money on something you’re going to have to do yourself anyway! Find out the best way to submit your articles for free and twelve awesome directories to submit to.

Finding a Niche in Marketing

Article marketing involves finding new niches every day. You cannot afford to specialize in any one niche. Conversely, you also need to find niches to market to. By studying niches and article response rates you can gain an understanding of your niche and also sell your product.

Selling With Article Marketing

Believe it or not, sales are sometimes directly related to article marketing. You aren’t always just trying to get people to press a button. Sometimes you’re actually trying to sell something. In these cases you need to be careful. Your article needs to still be interesting, but it also needs to make the sale. This is hard stuff. This is the big leagues.

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