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Article Marketing – Rewriting Vs Re-Posting, Which Method Is Best?

Isn’t it interesting to read an article about writing an article? And there are so many of them with so much good advice. One of the big questions that get asked, however, is “Is it better to rewrite or post duplicates on different sites?” A very good and important question, and this article will try to give you some direction.

Article Marketing – If You Had to Choose One Place to Spend Your Time and Money Marketing Online

The options available for internet marketing are diverse, but they can also be confusing. It may be hard to know where to focus your time, or to spend your limited online marketing dollars. In this article, we will explore one of the best options at our disposal today. Unleash the power of article marketing.

Crafting Great Articles

Internet marketing has quickly grown to be one of the most profitable methods for marketing these days. It’s difficult to disregard the importance of a good web marketing strategy. Marketing your product or service on the internet is something you can’t do without.

There Is a Big Difference Between Press Releases and Online Articles

Not long ago, a newbie to the online article authoring sector was having trouble getting their articles approved at one of the top online article directory sites. Apparently, their articles were far too over-the-top when it came to promotional marketing. In other words they were more like press releases than just straight articles. Of course, being quite new to all this, they asked what is the difference between press type releases and articles? Yes, a decent question and hopefully, I might shed some light on all this.

What Makes An Article Marketer Successful?

Pull out the egg-timer. Beat the clock when it comes to writing articles. You have an edge, if you can write articles fast. You will land more writing gigs. Don’t leave a lot of money on the table. Learn the skills to write high quality content and write them fast.

Light the Fire

Does getting widespread press require setting something on fire? What about this story shows what is really necessary?

Article Marketing – Tips for Success

Article marketing is an important element to improve rankings of a website. Here you will find a discussion and tips to improve your article structure.

7 Article Marketing Secrets I Used to Attract 4 Million NEW Readers (For Free)

Who else is about to launch a brand new content marketing campaign? Have you recently started exploring the idea of using article marketing… or article syndication into your brand, blog or business building process? Or maybe like many people reading this, you simply need a dead simple, fun, fast and FREE way to get your marketing message out to the masses?

Best Strategies for Article Submission to Directories

Article submission to directories is very vital for any online marketer desirous of improving the page ranking of his or her website. However, if it is not done in accordance with white-hat practice, your website could receive hard knocks from search engines. As a result of this, the following strategies can be adopted for successful article marketing campaign.

Use These Article Marketing Secrets To Achieve Success

When doing business online, it’s imperative that you keep your marketing campaigns fresh, positive and up-to-date. You have a lot to learn when creating a new marketing strategy. This includes article syndication. But your gains in these marketing skills will be well rewarded. This article will put you on the inside track to article promotion success.

High Quality Traffic Through Article Marketing

Why do so many people still write article? What is it about the traffic that article marketing generates? Is it really targeted?

Profitable Content Marketing – What Are Your Prospects Really Attracted To? (It’s Not Your Content!)

Do you know what your prospects are really attracted to, what will pull them in like bees to honey? Hint: It’s NOT your content! The answer is inside this article.

Article Writing Services: Use Audio and Video to Promote Your Business Online

Many article writers and online marketers do not realize that not only articles can serve to promote their clients, businesses, products and services, but audio and video can do the job as well. Audio MP3 files can be uploaded as podcasts and videos can easily be broadcast across the internet. Both types can carry a vital message to potential clients, customers, viewers and listeners about a company. we will explore some options for doing so here in this article.

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