Why Some Designers Are More Valuable

Will My Website Get Penalized If I Obtain Too Many Article Back Links?

If you are up to date with the latest traffic generation methods online then you will know that one of the ways to get traffic to your site is by writing articles – creating content. What happens if you write too many articles and end up with loads of back links from one source?

Why You Should Start Outsourcing Your Website Articles to Professional Freelance Writers

Understanding the dangers of not constantly updating and adding high quality written content for your website. Also learn why hiring a professional freelance article writer can be advantageous to you and your business.

Perseverance Pays Off

This article offers advice for marketing your writing skills when freelance work slows down. It also discusses the importance of owning and maintaining a personal blog, and it contains a daily grammar practice.

What Is A Call To Action?

Don’t know what a call to action (cta) is? No worries, read on to learn two tips on how to create effective call to actions.

Content Jargons: 9 Commonly Used Words in Business Writing and Its Alternatives

No piece of writing in the world is perfect, but we can always strive to come up with content that is close to one. In terms of business writing, we want our content to read out well, but there is always that danger of using certain words or phrases that takes out the value of our content rather than adding in some more.

SEO Practices and Keyword Usage

This article offers advice for aspiring freelance writers. Freelance writing can be a difficult career field to break into if you do not understand some of the basics. The following article will discuss SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword usage. Clients on freelance writing websites such as oDesk, often require writers to be cognizant of how valuable SEO is to success.

Resource Box – Create A Call To Action That Works

You’ve done it. You’ve created a selection of articles and they’re ready to post, but you don’t know how to build a compelling call to action that will get the results you desire from your content. Well, here’s how. Including case studies of a few examples… Click for more.

Strategic Article Marketing – Work With A Plan And Build Your Article Marketing Matrix

If you’re still throwing darts at balloons to decide what you write about each day, you’re most likely sitting there throwing letters at a blank page wondering why they don’t stick, too. When you sit down to write with no clear plan as to what you’ll be writing, the words evade you and the writing has no meaning, no direction, and obtains no result. CHANGE that! Plan your Article Marketing Matrix and Succeed! Click here – I’ll tell you how…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips For Beginners

Search engine optimization is not as easy as it used to be a few years ago. Many are using the same SEO techniques that no longer work today. As we know GOOGLE is always changing so These SEO tips will help you in getting better search engine rankings, and staying ahead of the game!

Links and Article Content – Why They Should Be For the Same Market

In this article I am going to discuss why the content of your articles and the link you use should be connected to the same market. Doing this will actually increase your conversions.

Writing an Effective and Concise Press Release

A press release is an announcement to the media that takes the form of a carefully constructed news story that explains who, what, when, how and where the promotion of certain products, event, service, award or just about anything you can imagine benefits your audience. Although there is no absolute method to constructing a press release, following a sound formula can help you polish sound copy that informs and entertains.

Work From Home As a Freelance Article Writer

After considering the cost of daycare, commuting, and other responsibilities, many find it more sensible to discover a work-from-home career, also known as freelancing. Freelance work has become very popular because of our present economy and increasing prices. Have you honestly been considering the options? You can work from home and succeed with online article writing jobs. We will examine various options.

Of All That You Can Do To Promote Your Website, Content Is King

Content is King: it’s an expression that you’ll see all over the web. Go to Google; do a fast search for the expression. It’s not simply Google that recommends that content is king. Web designers will inform you that content is king; so will internet designers.

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