The Formula For Great Presentations

Build Strong Lead Lists Using Article Marketing

Over the past few years, article marketing has become one of the most effective ways to generate leads online. This type of online advertising involves articles that are submitted to article syndication sites.

Who Else Wants to Write Great Article Headlines?

It’s as simple as this – without a good headline, your articles just aren’t going to be read. By anyone. So here are three of my all-time favorite generic headlines. I love ’em because they are so clever, so enrolling, so successful.

Finding Article Writing Hard? Break Writer’s Block by Having Fun

Well, I’ll tell you one thing. Inspiration is not going to come from “out there”. Inspiration comes from within, and here’s how.

Boost Your Article Marketing Results With Online Video Marketing Using These 3 Methods

There are many article marketing strategies proffered by internet marketing consultants and coaches. The majority of these methods work – when consistently and systematically applied in the context of a strategic marketing plan. However, if you’re like many entrepreneurs and executives I meet, you want to know how to get the most leverage from your article marketing for the least amount of effort. The answer is to re-purpose your articles for online video marketing presentations.

A Simple Method That Made Me $600 Fast

Providing services for online business owners is probably one of the fastest ways to bring in some extra cash. These services include programming, banner design, ebook writing and my favorite, writing articles. I have been doing article marketing for years and I have really grown to enjoy it. I had become really good at it and I knew that I could use it to make some money fast. So I went to one of the most popular internet marketing forums online and posted an ad offering my services.

Fastest Possible Way To Write An Article

I know that for you, the idea of writing an article sounds like a lot of fun. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could search your name and find tons of things you have written about? Wouldn’t it be great if all these articles gave you traffic back to your website?

Article Marketing – Don’t Just Write Articles, Create an Effective Article Marketing Plan Instead

If your business is an online one then one effective way of creating awareness of your products is to write articles about them. However a more effective way would be to first create an effective article marketing plan so that you can use your article writing more effectively to build this customer awareness.

How to Get Maximum Benefits of Article Submission

Why do people talk about article submission? The answer is with the rise in outsourcing many big companies have changed their way of sales and service. In previous years the sale of products was limited to towns or states, but sales in the whole world was not possible in an easy way.

Top Sites to Publish Articles and Get Paid

If you have been pulling your hair out trying to find decent places online to publish your articles and get paid then you are in luck. Article sites are all over the web but there are a few gold mines that will reward you monetarily and get your content seen by a wide audience.

How to Become a Great Article Writer – Take Part in a Marathon

An article marathon is where an article directory challenges writers to contribute a certain number of articles within a set period of time. Say, one hundred article over a three or four month period.Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just like running 26 miles sounds easy, in fact! Well, I’ve just completed an article marathon, and I’d like to share what I’ve got out of it.

Article Marketing and Guest Blogs – What’s Effective?

Article writing is becoming more and more popular as people and companies are in a race to promote their websites and get them a higher tank on various article submission directories. Thanks to SEO services that help them in achieving their goal. Article marketing is the technique that is used for online promotion of the subject on which the article is written on.

Is It Worth It To Submit An Article Every Single Day?

You’ve heard that one of the best ways to build up your authority and get exposure on other people’s sites is to write and submit articles. When you submit articles to article directories they can be picked up by other article directories, people with newsletters and even add it as guest blog post. But you might be thinking, “Do I really have to write an article everyday and is it worth it to submit an article everyday?

How Many Articles Do You Really Need?

When you are writing articles and publishing them on article directories, blogs and social media, you might be wondering how many articles do you need in total. In order to stay relevant, you really should be always creating new articles but let’s think of a reasonable goal for you right now. If you have no articles out there yet, your goal should be to have four articles.

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