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Article Marketing Strategy: Do Your Articles Genuinely Solve Problems?

People buy most stuff to solve problems. And they search for information online to solve their problems. If you are sincerely looking for an article marketing strategy that will revolutionize your campaign, a light bulb should be flashing in your brain after reading that last sentence.

Article Marketing – Top 3 Tips For Getting Free Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

Although often seen as a long-term traffic strategy, article marketing does drive traffic fast if done correctly. By correctly I mean, using relevant keyword phrases, strategically placing them in your article, and submitting to the best article directories.

A Great Resource Box Is The Key To Article Marketing Success

A wonderful article that solves the reader’s problem and entertains them along the way isn’t going to do you any good without a good resource box. It really has to be perfect. Ask anybody who has split tested resource boxes and they’ll tell you that one word switched out here or there could mean a major traffic difference. The success of your article marketing campaign largely depends on not just writing great content (or hiring an article ghost writer to), but also writing a great resource box.

How To Use Article Marketing and Make It Pay

If you want to learn how to use article marketing to start making money online then keep reading. By writing articles you can drive laser targeted traffic to your website which is one of the most important steps to making money online. No traffic equals No sales!

Online Article Marketing – What Is It and the Benefits It Can Bring a Business

An article to explain to the reader what online article marketing is. Explains the benefits too. Article marketing can be defined as…

Article Marketing

There must be a reason why some people are still promoting article marketing as a way to create income and sales. Guess What? If you want to tackle article marketing seriously, then plan on doing 120 articles per month! Seriously…And, Now – You Need a Google Update… Now you know that Google made a significant change to its ranking system that has been dubbed “Google Farmer.” Some marketers have tried to capitalize on this as “the end of article marketing”.

Free Article Directory – Will Article Submissions Help My Business Long-Term?

Free article directory submissions are crucial for the success of your online business venture. Over the years, many internet marketing methods and techniques have been developed, but most of them have failed miserably. So why is this? Well, as soon as you come to realize that the world wide web is all about providing good, quality content to visitors online – you are also well on your way to fully comprehend how to adapt a successful internet marketing strategy.

How to Write Funny Articles and Inject Some Personality

In this article I will share several ways to inject some personality with funny stories or comments into your articles that will hopefully help you get free website traffic. I’m not talking about methods that will have your reader shooting liquid out of a facial orifice. I’m talking about right in the middle of a serious article you surprise the reader and give them a chuckle in the midst of all of this serious stuff.

How To Submit Articles: 5 Common Beginner Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Beginners – you can save yourselves a lot of trouble if you will learn how to avoid these mistakes now, as you’re just getting started. You will see better results and have a better understanding of what it takes make a great article marketing campaign. This article profiles 5 common mistakes and how to correct them.

Article Marketing Strategy – What Is The Best Article Marketing Format to Attract Readers?

The people who are reading your online articles love to scan. They don’t usually read the entire article with 100% focused attention. They want to look at the article for a minute or less, and come away with information that they need. The 5 techniques covered in this article are designed to make your article easy to scan and easy to understand.

Article Marketing Tips: 5 Common Newbie Mistakes And How To Fix Them

This article discusses some article marketing tips that you need to know. It’s beneficial to you to get these common areas of misunderstanding straightened out on as soon as possible. Why not today?

Article Marketing Strategy: A Selling Secret That Will Always Produce More Effective Articles

Before you start your article marketing campaign, how you have made the few sales you have already made is very important if you want to write really powerful articles. It can make the difference between getting very few hits and getting tons of targeted traffic to your site from only a few articles.

How to Start a Profitable Article Marketing Campaign in 60 Minutes or Less

Who else is struggling to create their first article marketing campaign? Have you heard about all of the amazing benefits there are to writing and syndicating articles, yet you are finding yourself having a difficult time actually launching your first project? Or, like many people who are just getting started, do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at the DETAILS, like keyword counts, categories, length, landing pages, and all of the other “online marketing speak’ that keeps so many folks STUCK and paralyzed in place forever?

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