Making The Pivot To Strategy

People Drive Your Business, Not Search Engines

What I have recognized as an incredibly dangerous trend: writing and marketing for search engines, rather than people. See why inside the article.

Make Most Of Your Article Marketing Efforts With Seven Easy Tips

Article marketing is a valuable asset for every entrepreneur who aims to strengthen their online presence, drive traffic toward their website and increase conversions. In order to achieve best results with your article marketing strategies, you also need to optimize your articles, as just any articles will not do the job.

Article Marketing Benefits And How To Best Apply It

Benefits of article marketing, as stated hundreds of times before, are of vital importance for every online business that strives to achieve success. Article marketing brings about the targeted traffic toward your website, necessary to promote your product or services and convert visits into sales, or whatever your business considers as conversions.

Four Easy Steps To Make Sure Your Article Marketing Efforts Are Profitable

Many article marketers only use article writing in order to generate and increase traffic toward their websites. If you have developed a nice website that makes a good use of this traffic and turns visits into conversions, you will see increased profit. However, majority of websites and their marketers have not created good conversion plan, which should be a backbone of any website if you intend to make profit with it.

How to Articles – The Most Popular Kind of Article Writing

Do you know what is the most read and searched for article today. It’s the “how to” article. If you’re new to article writing then you should be looking for the kind of information your potential customer wants to know and turn this into an informational article. Use this knowledge to drive more traffic to your web site.

Freelance Article Writing – My Guide to Help You Make Money Online

One of the best ways to make money online is to use the skills in which you posses. Something that I have done previously, and made money from doing is writing. Nearly everyone can write, and with free programs available for writing with, it is easy for you to do so.

How to Build An Online Business Using Article Marketing

Article marketing is commonly used only to drive traffic. Which is fine, as long as you have a nicely created back-end which takes those clicks and turns them into dollars. Unfortunately, the majority of internet marketers out there only use their articles to advertise one single product, and fail to convert those clicks into subscribers, or dollars.

How to Conduct Article Marketing Research for Your Business

In article marketing, the writing can be hard but it’s the research that can really drag you down. Coming up with unique article topics that people actually want to read isn’t easy for many of us.

Five Powerful Article Marketing Tips

Interested in utilizing Article Marketing in your online business building efforts? This article shares five article marketing tips I find to be very valuable.

Exact Impact of Article Marketing on Your Sales

Does article marketing work? And if it does what kind of impact should you expect? What kind of sales will you end up making?

Learn How To Profit With Article Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business and this is the first task of every business manager. Marketing brings together the various functions of the business and blends them together to produce a saleable product or service.

How to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website for Free

If you write a blog, or have a website than you are probably looking to get more traffic to your site. More visitors to your site means more people who learn about your product or service, which in turn means more sales. There are several things you can do to drive traffic to your website for free.

Quick Tips for Better Article Marketing

Article marketing can provide tremendous benefits for your business, but as with all marketing efforts, your articles should be optimized to take advantage of the unique medium the internet provides to meet your specific business goals. Your articles should be carefully crafted to provide valuable content to your potential clients. And beyond this critical baseline, consider the following tips for making your articles rank well and provide the traffic you want and need.

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