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5 Motivational Tips to Write More Often

If you need motivation to write more often for your marketing efforts, you obviously don’t know too much about the power of article marketing. Here are 5 things that motivate me to write as often as possible.

How SEO Article Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Coaching Business – Tips for Coaches

More and more business owners are now taking their business online. This is not only because internet marketing is far more cost-effective compare to traditional advertising campaigns but also because using the internet will mean widening your reach by at least tenfold. So, if you’re offering any type of coaching programs right now, you better start using the internet to your advantage.

Article Writing – Can You Do Article Marketing Effectively?

As a non-native English-speaking person, can you relate to this wish? “If only I was born in an English speaking country…” Personally, I’ve had this thought run through my mind many times and “Yes”, it would truly have made things easier – particularly, if you’re like me and dream about doing article marketing. However, all is not lost.

How to Energize Your Article Marketing Campaign – A Useful How-To Guide for Coaches

Not getting enough benefits from your article marketing campaign? Here’s how you can take it to the next level so you can easily sell more coaching programs: 1. Produce original articles.

Are Writers That Work for $1 – $3 Really Writers?

If you’re paying a writer $3 to write content, I believe you’re getting ripped off. Think about it. Search engines and the internet community at large decided to disallow in-page keyword stuffing a long while back. In those days, how much would you pay someone to cut and paste a bunch of keywords into your source or metadata? Probably not much.

How to Write A Resource Box That Gets Clicked – 4 Tips for Coaches

I am sure you know that the success of your article marketing campaign is measured by the number of times that your resource box is clicked. The more people clicking through it, the more traffic you’ll be able to send to your website or squeeze page. The question here is; how can you maximize the number of your clickthrough rate?

Finding An Article Ghost Writer In 3 Easy Steps

Article marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your website for little cost. However, two common problems I often hear are, “I am out of things to write about!” and “I don’t have time to write a ton of articles!” If you’ve said either of these, then you need to hire an article ghost writer. I’m going to give you 3 easy steps to find the perfect writer for your projects.

When Writing Content, Go With the Flow

For many, writing content is time consuming and difficult primarily because they try to ‘force’ their thoughts and this does not always work! For those who distribute content as a means to advertise online this can be particularly annoying since they write frequently. Read on to discover 3 simple strategies you can use to make the writing process easier, saving time and improving content quality!

How to Use Previously Written Content to Build Unique NEW Content

It’s been said that there’s been nothing new since Fannie Hill, and I suppose that’s true. However, there’s plenty of unique content out there if you’re willing to use your own sense of humor, integrity and good common sense. Application of the knowledge that is here already, is what will create unique content for you. Let me show you what I mean…

Article Marketing On Steroids – How I Wrote Ten Articles Fast, In Under Two Hours

If you are in small business, and you own a blog, and you understand that posting to that blog is the way you get new business; then you probably know what I mean when I say article marketing. When you write an article about your business you post that article in article directories and on your blog to increase the viewership and the people who will become your customers. In essence the internet runs on words, like a car runs on gas.

How to Write Articles and Other Texts for Your MLM Business in Seven Easy Steps

There are times when the words just don’t want to flow on to paper, even though you know you have to publish something new. This article will help you with only seven easy steps to create new articles.

Article Marketing Strategies – Effective Tips to Make Money With Articles

Nowadays, article writing is a good way to earn money. You’ll have great chances of making money with articles as with any online marketing materials and strategies.

Article Marketing and Its Great Benefits

Promoting your online business, through article marketing, is now convenient and easy. In fact, most online marketers are seriously exploiting its potential benefits through intensive internet marketing techniques. For small time business owners, the benefits are even more pronounced given the fact that traditional marketing strategies are costly and less effective – giving justice to the notion that the internet is a great equalizer between those with insubstantial marketing budget and those with a huge machinery of promotional strategies.

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