Article Marketing Works Well Online

Advertising online is one of the most powerful campaign strategies that any business would not mind pouring much of its resources on. It cannot be denied that more people are getting hooked to the virtual world, with almost every person accessing the internet on a daily basis.

4 Steps To Breaking Down Article Writing Mental Block

Do you feel you have a mental block when it comes to writing articles to promote your website? I sure did. Here you will find the same 4 steps I took to break down that writing mental block with for good.

Can Guest Blogging Help Your Article Marketing?

To me, articles and blog posts are about the same thing. In fact, an article is a short snippet of information, long enough to teach one simple thing. And a blog post is a short snippet of information, long enough to teach one simple thing.

Your Article Marketing Strategy

Everyone needs an article marketing strategy. But the cool thing is, article marketing strategy can be really simple. REALLY SIMPLE.

Is Article Marketing Still a Good SEO Strategy?

I personally believe that article marketing is still a good SEO strategy, and I’ll try to share my thoughts effectively in here. Let’s start with: what is article marketing? It is process of writing articles and putting them on websites online for the purpose of getting search engine and direct traffic.

Why Is Article Marketing So Good for SEO?

Let’s start with: what is SEO? Of course, it’s search engine optimization. But what is search engine optimization?

Impact of Panda Update on SEO Article Writing

SEO article writing service providers were able to compromise on webpage contents and their quality by manipulating and taking advantage of certain search engine patterns before Google introduced Panda. The introduction of Panda has changed this completely.

What Is the Difference Between Blog Marketing and Article Marketing?

First off, I’ll be really transparent here: I don’t think there is a huge difference between article marketing and blog marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing articles and getting them published online. And publishing them on a blog would be part of the article marketing process.

Writing Articles on Business Marketing Explained

Okay so, we’ve all seen quite a bit of new technology and new trends in the area of business marketing. Much of it has come from online venues, which have completely changed the game. It is difficult for the average entrepreneur who is busy in his own business to stay up on all the new ways to get more business, but if they don’t they could lose out to the competition, as there are actually fewer customers during a recession. Now then, as an online article author I’d like to help you as a writer prepare better articles for the small business community on the topic of marketing.

Is Article Marketing Dead?

Is article marketing dead? A lot of the article marketing sites are reportedly showing significantly decreased search traffic. But it hasn’t gone away completely.

How to Do Article Marketing With Blogs

I think a lot of times article marketing gets bunched into the category of being articles that are submitted just to article directories. But to me, article marketing is writing articles and getting them published online. Anywhere.

How to Get Traffic From Article Marketing

Article marketing of course is the process of writing articles and submitting them online. But it also can include writing articles and putting them on your own site, or writing articles and getting them published on niche blogs. The way you get traffic from the articles you write is that when you write the articles and they are published on a website, sometimes the search engines feature your article in their search results.

Article Writers for Hire

People seek article writers for hire because they find writing articles to be a complex and time-consuming chore. This usually affects their writing ability making the work dull and incompetent. Article writers for hire encourage people to read their articles because they are interesting and captivating.

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