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What Is Article Marketing And How Can It Work For You?

Article marketing is a form of marketing used to promote products, brands and services by syndicating your blog content through online article directories. Article directories are sites that have an extensive collection of articles written on just about every subject and receive a ton of visitors. With so many visitors, article directories are considered to be “authority” sites by search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

How to Become a Professional SEO Writer?

You started a business and are on the lookout of a SEO article writer. But, how would you make sure that the writer of your choice would be able to assist you to reach out to a large audience? The following guidelines would definitely be of maximum advantage to you.

3 Mistakes to Avoid Before You Publish Your Article

With the explosion of internet connected phones, tablets and laptops, people are spending more and more of their day on the Web. With all of this internet activity, the popularity of information on the internet will continue to skyrocket. Submitting articles to online directories is one of the most popular free ways to get traffic to your blog or offer page. Here you will discover 3 mistakes to avoid before you publish your article.

Five Tips To Using Voice Recognition Software To Improve Your Writing Speed

If you’re trying to make a career out of writing online, and particularly if you are trying to compete against many of the offshore outsourcing companies, you’ll find that the only way you can make money is to write in bulk. It is impossible to try and make a living writing online if you are only writing one or two articles a day.

Article Marketing Strategy: Back to the Basics

It seems that everyone in the online business world is constantly searching for a new and unique article marketing strategy. Proven and effective article marketing techniques are required to attract the traffic your business needs to thrive.

How to Write Posts Your Audience Will Click

Headlines, h1 HTML tags and Stephen King matters in writing. These items make your writing searchable and more interesting to your readers. If only we could all channel his brilliance through writing as well as he!

Article Marketing for the New SEO Algorithms

As you may know, a lot has changed lately with the SEO algorithms. Panda, penguin, flamingo, whatever. The bottom line is, the search engines are doing anything they can to weed out any links that people are trying to build based on scamming the search engines into giving them search traffic they don’t deserve.

Earn Money Writing Online With Squidoo

Have you ever wanted to post your own website, but didn’t want the hassle or expense of buying domain names or making regular posts? If you are nodding your head right now, chances are that the answer you are seeking is Squidoo–where you can earn money writing online. Without the hassle.

Article Marketing Stripped Down – The Four Key Steps

This is a basic introduction to article marketing. Here are the four key steps involved in creating an article to help market your product or service.

Article Marketing – How to Write Content For Backlinking

Article marketing, in its simplest sense is about writing content or articles with the purpose of generating traffic to a web page. It is not a particularly new strategy and many people have tried it but the real burning question remains, does it work?

Getting Maximum Article Approval in Various Article Directories

There are tons of article directories out there and each article directory has their own set of guidelines when submitting your article. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the guidelines and also how to create your article for the best approval rate.

7 No Cost Ways To Inspire Your Writing

Every writer needs inspiration and often more than half the work of writing is just coming up with the ideas. I’ve compiled a list of helpful no cost resources for inspiration. Use these ideas to create a list of title and topic ideas to pick from for your next writing project.

Article Marketing Is Dead! – Pandas and Penguins (Oh My!) And Why This Is A Good Thing

Did Google’s Panda & Penguin Updates kill Article Marketing and Content Marketing for good? The answers you can profit from are in this article.

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