How To Get Brand Name Clients

Article Marketing For Affiliates: The Fastest Way To Double Your Income Online (No More Gurus)

A quick confession: When I first started affiliate marketing online, I really struggled. This was in the days where PPC arbitrage strategies were still considered “kosher” and I spent A LOT of time trying, testing and tracking a ton of different affiliate programs by paying for traffic…and sending them STRAIGHT to the affiliate offer itself.

Turn Top 7 or Top 10 Articles into an Article Series!

Not long ago, I read on a very interesting blog a posting having to do with online article marketing. It suggested that it made sense to create articles that had lists of the “top seven” or “top 10” ways to do something. And these articles could be for any online article marketer regardless of their industry; for instance seven ways to skin a cat, or seven of the favorite meals for cats – or maybe seven tips to detailing your automobile, or 10 of the best opening lines on a first date.

How to Get a MASSIVE Advantage in ANY Niche Using Article Marketing (Free Traffic ROCKS)

When I first got started marketing online, I make a ton of mistakes. I jumped, bumped and lurched around looking for the fastest way to make a full time living online, and probably bought every “guru” product or program on the market for 2 years straight. While I’d find an occasional gem… For the most part, the vast majority of the products I bought were bad, and more often than not, only designed to get me to buy more products… More programs… And more silly strategies until I had nothing left to give.

Internet Article Directory – Gates To New Markets!

Are you trying to increase your website traffic to promote your online business? An Internet Article Directory is an easy and effective means to broadcast your online business. Articles written about your business will help draw attention to your products and services. Potential customers who have read free articles on a particular subject arrive with a pre-formed interest in your product or service.

What Does An Article Ghost Writer Do?

Whether it’s a small project or big, an article ghost writer provides solutions to people that have ideas, but not the time or writing chops. Here’s how it works – You’re frustrated with trying to write your own content, so you hire a service to do it for you. You give them the keywords and specifications, and then negotiate on price and time frame. While you’re busy making money online, they’re cranking out your high quality content. Here’s more on how it works.

Tips For Information Overload!

Do you have trouble on knowing how to start an article? If you’ve been researching your niche, you have more information than you think you do.

Marketing Articles – 10 Tips To Optimize Your Online Business

Want to optimize your online business? There are hundreds of effective traffic strategies but still one of the most accepted and popular is writing articles and submitting it to the directories it as it creates outstanding results for you.

What Are The Don’ts Of Article Marketing?

Article marketing has been around in various forms for as long as mass print has been available. Traditional article marketing consisted of businesses writing articles for promotion that had references to and contact information of the business in question. It proved to be a symbiotic relationship for the media that published them as they got free content while the business got free advertising space.

Article Marketing Domination – How?

Article marketing domination is something that almost anyone wants to accomplish if they are using articles for marketing their product. The secret to this is time.

Use Easy Article Marketing

Articles are one of the free methods, and easy article marketing can make it profitable as well. Most article directories are free to submit articles to.

Article Marketing Conversions – The FASTEST Way to OPTIMIZE Your Articles For Maximum Profits

Let’s talk for a few minutes about article marketing….and conversions. Why? Because I don’t care what you’ve read elsewhere….there is absolutely NO upside to writing and submitting articles if you aren’t converting your readers to the most wanted action you’d like them to take.

Online Article Marketing – Generate 1000’s of Hits With Online Article Marketing

If you want to generate tons of long term free traffic then I suggest you read every single word of my online article marketing strategy right now. This week I have spent some time analysing some of my best long term online articles. What I mean is those that where written years ago that even all this time later still generate traffic for me.

Article Marketing Secrets – My FAVORITE Way To Generate 10,000 New Readers in a Weekend

Who else is sick and tired of writing articles that DON’T get read? Do you spend hours….days and even WEEKS creating content that seems to disappear in a Bermuda Triangle of article directory irrelevance? Are you simply getting frustrated and FED up with not getting the sort of results you anticipated from article marketing….and are just about ready to give up completely?

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