How To Convince Buyers That Your Work Is Worth More

Why The Bum Marketing Method FAILS – How To Succeed With Article Marketing

The bum marketing method created by Travis Sago was a watershed event at the time. Unfortunately, following his lead today will end in failure. With a little knowledge and a little help, though, you can learn how to succeed with article marketing.

The Five Building Blocks Of A Good Article

Once you have accepted that article writing is going to help your online business the next thing you will have to learn is how to construct a good quality one. There are not that many rules to follow but there are five which should be adhered to. These govern the construction and layout of your article and when done well will reward you with plenty of views and consequently plenty of visitors to your site. Which is of course the main reason that you are writing it.

Internet Feature Article Writing – FAST!

The first thing you want to do when writing articles is to use what you’ve got. You’ll be amazed and surprised and pleased to realize just how many original articles you have on your computer and in other places just wasting away.

Seven Benefits To Using Article Marketing In Your Online Strategy

Article marketing has probably more things going for it than any other form of promotion. Experienced marketers have realised that that by utilising this method they can drive a serious amount of targeted traffic to their web site. These targeted visitors are what every marketer wants because they will look at the web site because their interest has been engaged. It will be up to you to get them to buy or at least sign up to your list. But why is this method so effective?

3 Powerful Article Marketing Strategies For Making Money In Affiliate Marketing

In my two years as an internet marketer, you can bet that I’ve tried just about every single method there is to promote and sell ClickBank products. There are literally dozens of ways to do this, but none more effective than article marketing.

Want to Write an Article in 5 to 10 Minutes Or Less? Discover 4 Great Tips to Fast Article Writing!

Writing great article content for a blog or website is what a lot of people want to know? Now, you can learn 4 tips to article writing that will help you receive tons of free traffic to your site or blog.

Article Writing – Using the Resource Box Effectively

Writing a great article is the first step to attracting a large volume of traffic to your site but the resource box is where you get what you want out of the article. A lot of people don’t use this opportunity effectively to increase the chance of the reader clicking your link. There are a few things a basic resource box should contain.

Article Writing – Techniques For Coming Up With Ideas

Even the most veteran of writers will find themselves strained for ideas at one point or another. Coming up with ideas for different articles can be quite a daunting task when you feel like you have exhausted your creativity but I will give you some tips that will help you generate new ideas. Tip #1 – Write about more than one thing.

Article Writing – The Introductory Paragraph

There are so many ways to get people to read you articles. Writing great titles, coming up with useful content and using the resource box effectively will all improve the overall effectiveness of your article. What many people don’t realize though, is that the introductory paragraph is one of the most important parts of your article.

Maximizing Your Article Writing

Article writing is undoubtedly an effective way of driving traffic to your site but not all articles are effective. You spend the time writing the articles so you want to get the returns from it, here are some way to maximize your articles. Firstly, you need to use keywords effectively.

Article Writing – The Best Articles

Article writing is a great way to attract people to your site but not all articles are the same. There is a difference in quality of articles and people generally respond to the higher quality of articles. Here are some general rules to improve the quality of your articles and make them some of the best out there.

Easy Article Marketing, 7 Tips to Get You Started

Article marketing has been the backbone of search engine marketing as well as internet marketing for some time now. The importance of article marketing has always been undermined by more aggressive and short-lived techniques in the virtual marketing world, but, article marketing has always been on top for guaranteed and expected results.

How To Make More Money Writing By Picking Up Your Speed

One great way to make more money is to work on your writing speed, rather than raising your rates. This creates a win-win situation for you and your clients, and also means you’ll be making more money. Consider it “giving yourself a raise” for all that hard work. Here are some tips on how to speed up your writing without cutting out quality.

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