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3 Reasons Why Content Is Important Online

To say content is important to the internet is like saying gas is important to motor vehicles and in both cases this is an obvious understatement! Although using content has been proven to be a very effective marketing strategy, the role it plays in the growth of the internet is far more reaching! Read further to discover 3 significant roles the creation of any new information plays in the growth and development of the internet!

Article Marketing And Making Money From It

As you may already know, the more content and information you put out on the internet, the more traffic that you will get back to your site. Targeted traffic is what matters, and if you don’t have a solid game plan as to how you’re going to get this targeted traffic, then your business is in trouble. People go out of business all the time simply because they can’t maintain sales and get a steady flow of traffic to their website.

Article Marketing – Why You Should Write For Humans

I personally think that you should write for humans when doing your article marketing. Arguments have been made as to whether you should write for search engines or humans, and both sides of the coin have valid points. In this lesson today, I want to talk about the side of the coin that says that “humans” should be written for – not search engines.

Article Marketing Tips For The Hyped Up Beginner

If you want more traffic to your website, a great way to so is by using article marketing. With article marketing, you can be perceived as an expert in your niche, you can get a lot of traffic, you will get great backend customers, and you will even be asked to participate in joint venture deals with non-competitive business owners in your niche. So article marketing is big time.

Why Article Submitter Software Is A No-Go

No company online likes an article submitter software? Why, because they are typically low in quality, don’t meet the guidelines of the article directories, and sites online hate it when people spam them with 300 low quality articles each and everyday. This is why it’s in your best interest to leave this kind of software alone.

2 Things To Do To Make Article Marketing Profitable

Article marketing is a topic that has been buzzing all year long. Ever since Google came out with their “Panda” and “Penguin” search engine algorithm changes, the world of article marketing has changed big time – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, articles extends far beyond that common wisdom of submitting to the top article directories.

What Do Petticoats and Writing Have in Common?

As I was sitting in my recliner last night, trying my best to find that light-bulb moment or the next viral blog post, for some reason the petticoat came to mind. I know you’re thinking… what!? My sentiments exactly! I had no idea where I was going with this, but something sparked inside me to simply start writing. I was hoping it would come to me as fast as my speedy typing.

How to Market a Business With Online Article Submissions

More and more people are breaking free of traditional work situations and starting their own businesses. It’s exhilarating to finally make your dream business a reality, and you know that if people only knew about your business they would be knocking down your door wanting to buy your products or enlist your services. The problem is: how do you get the word out about your business when you’re starting from scratch?

Article Marketing Tips: 5 Problems With Your Title That Can Cause Publishers To Decline Your Article

Did you know that after you submit your article, it will most likely be reviewed by an editor before it is published on a website? This editor will have a list of editorial guidelines that he or she is using to evaluate your article. If your article passes the test, then it gets published. If not, then it will be declined. One of the first things that publishers/editors look at is the title, and there are several reasons why an article might be declined right out of the gate for issues with the title. If you knew what publishers were looking for, you could craft your articles around their requirements. In this article we’ll cover some common title issues that result in publisher declines:

How to Identify a Reliable Article Writing and Submission Service Provider

In order to improve your search engine ranking, you must definitely be involved in article marketing. But since Google has altered its algorithm (and will continue to do so), you need a reliable article writing and submission service provider. How, then, can you identify one?

Article Marketing Tip: How Does Article Marketing Benefit You?

For anyone who is used to doing offline sales and marketing, it can be a surprise to learn that online article marketing works in a way that the main portion of the article submission is not about the author’s business or website. I know, it’s frustrating. You want to market your website. You want to tell the world about how great your products or services are, and you naturally assume that article marketing works by you writing articles about your business. In this article I’m going to outline how article marketing works so that you’ll understand why it’s not a good idea to write articles that are half-veiled sales letters. I’ll also tell you how article marketing can benefit your website and your business.

Article Marketing Success: How To Write A Non-Sales Oriented Article

What does “promotional” mean? It just means that the impression has been given that the author is using the article body (or the title) to draw attention to his or her business, products or website. You may be thinking, “I thought article marketing was supposed to help me market my business. So why can’t I talk about my business in the article?”

Article Marketing Success: 5 Insider Tips For Getting Articles Accepted By Publishers

When you start submitting articles to publishers, one thing to remember is that each publisher has editorial guidelines that he uses to screen the articles. If your article abides by the editor’s guidelines, then it will be published. If it does not, then the publisher will decline your article submission. For this reason, it’s a good idea to create articles that will abide by the editorial guidelines of most publishers. It’s true that each publisher gets to determine his own criteria for the types of articles that he’ll accept, but there are some common things that most quality publishers look for.

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