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What Works Best in Article Marketing? What I’ve Learned After Writing 4,297 Articles in 24 Months

The first thing I’ve learned is that there are A LOT of people offering some pretty bad information out there…:-) Mostly people who THINK they understand the process of writing profitable article marketing campaigns, but don’t really DO it in real life. (they teach it, instead..:-) I’ve learned that often, keyword research is WAY over-rated. You are far better picking something that you are passionate about, doing a little bit of TITLE optimization from the standpoint of what you want to rank for, and then simply focusing on creating copious amounts of killer content that PEOPLE want to read, and not machines.

What Are The Best Article Marketing Techniques – Secrets That Every Article Marketer Must Know

For so many, articles can be dreadful to do. Even I get tired and bored of it. But if you press on and keep trying nothing is impossible. Here I explain the best article marketing techniques that you can use today.

Article Business Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate

Getting your name out there on the web is the way that you are going to make money with your business. When you use article business marketing you are going to find that you will be able to advertise without any out of pocket expense and everything you make is going to be pure profit. As you are following the things that you are going to learn in the Wealthy Affiliate program you are going to see that article business marketing can be the way for you to go.

The Fastest Way to Start A Profitable Article Marketing Campaign (No Gurus Necessary)

It’s actually easy, and it’s NOT the same re-hashed, regurgitated advice that article marketing gurus want you to believe is required. And the good news is that most of my BEST article marketing campaigns are launched without any investment, even in keyword research tools, which I find are largely unnecessary to make a mint online.

Powerful Article Marketing Strategy Step-By-Step

One of the least costly ways to promote any product, service or home-based business opportunity is to scribble, spin and distribute information-rich articles on the internet. Here’s a proved article marketing strategy…

How To Make Money Writing Articles Online

Writing articles on-line is a good way to make money. How much money you can make is the question you have to pose to yourself.

How to Become an Effective Web Content Writer: Overcoming the Challenges of Online Writing

Compared to printed materials like the newspaper or magazines, web content is different mainly because it is read via the Internet. A web content writer tasked to write materials online is then faced with two challenging aspects. First, online reading is harder compared to reading printed materials. Next, many online readers are impatient about the material and they often skim through the material to determine whether it’s useful or not. So how can a writer surmount these challenges?

Affordable Article Marketing

Most marketers – both newbies and masters like to get free traffic to build their lists of potential customers. Learning the art of article marketing is feasible for anyone who is serious about reaching a targeted audience.

How Article Marketing Can Help Your Traffic Rates

How can you increase traffic to your website by using article marketing? Read on to find out!

Articles Don’t Make Money

If articles don’t make money – then you could ask why write them as an internet marketer? The answer is multifold as are the benefits.

Is Article Writing A Waste Of Time?

Not if you are an internet marketer or even just someone who likes to share a passion about a hobby or a subject of interest (e.g. gardening). Article writing is an excellent tool for the internet or affiliate marketer who wants to attract traffic to a website or squeeze page and build a list or promote a product in a specific niche. It is a source of free promotion that has almost endless possibilities such as establishing a name and reputation for expertise in a niche.

Persuasive Article Marketing – How to Get Users Motivated to Take Action

I know that the reason why you landed on this article is that you’ve been looking for ways to get your articles to be more persuasive and be able to double or triple your CTR. Who can blame you? We are all writing articles for this reason aren’t we?

How To Write Good, High Quality Articles

So you want to start article marketing but you don’t know how to make a decent article? Read on to find out your basic do’s and don’ts.

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