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Article Marketing Strategy: Are There Some Topics That Just Don’t Work With Article Marketing?

Recently a new website owner contacted me with some concern that his topic of “Scottish History” just wasn’t popular enough to draw in readers to his articles, and that marketing his site was therefore a futile cause. He was thinking that there are certain types of topics that do well on the internet and others that are just to intellectual or purely educational to make it. Is that a concern of yours? If so, this article will be helpful to you.

Article Marketing Tip: How To Teach A Ghost Writer To Write In Your Own Style

What if you want to write some of your articles yourself and supplement them with articles written for you by a ghost writer? You might be wondering if you should be concerned about matching the writing styles. Should you be worried that someone would be able to tell that all the articles weren’t written by you? This article teaches how to select a skilled writer to work with and how to teach him or her to write in your own style.

Article Marketing Success: How Much Do Clicks And Article Popularity Mean?

There are so many statistics available to the person who is doing article marketing that it can be a little confusing as to what the purpose is and how to measure your progress. There are couple of really obvious stats that it may be tempting to pay too much attention to. They are clicks on the link in your resource box and the number of times each article is viewed…

Content Development – The Best Strategy

Content development typically involves gathering useful information from various sources and pulling it together in a way that makes sense! Read on to discover an alternative approach by simply using your research to stimulate your own creative writing ideas instead!

Article Marketing Tip: Should An Article Contain Links?

Sometimes you’re writing an article and you want to share some related information that will help the people who are reading your article. Is it okay to put a link in your article to the content on another site?

Marketing Strategies – Does Article Marketing Work?

As websites continue to be created on a daily basis coupled with daily increase in web traffic, article marketing is bound to remain the most effective way of achieving sales of both products and services. This trend can clearly be ascertained by looking at the rising number of freelance writers currently providing article writing service on the various freelance sites.

Convert Your Readers To Customers With Article Marketing

Results from article marketing can be amazing, but in order to be amazed, you must utilise this innovative and effective strategy correctly to drive customers to your site. There are tips in this article to help ensure your articles capture your intended audience, converting them to new customers.

Article Marketing Success: How Many Links Can I Build In 5 Days Of Article Submissions?

I received the question about how many links can be built in 5 days of article submissions from a new website owner, and immediately I knew where he was coming from. He wanted to hit the ground running and quickly churn up a burst of results. This article answers that question.

Foolproof Writing Tips For Your Article Marketing Strategy

Whether you are experienced in article marketing or are just beginning to devise your strategy, it can be difficult to choose an appropriate and effective article marketing approach. Fortunately, this article includes a selection of basic guidelines that should be observed to guarantee maximum exposure, engagement, and returns on your content.

Article Writers Just Want To Have Fun And Make Money

Connie Ragen Green says, “Having an online business can be very rewarding.” And I agree. In fact, I’ve been so busy growing my business online and enjoying the rewards that some times, I forget how much fun it can be to just WRITE. But when I remember how much fun I have writing, I write something like this – as a reminder.

Article Marketing Strategies for Making the Most of Social Networking

Over the last decade, the prevalence of social media has grown by leaps and bounds; by all counts it is expected to continue to grow at a meteoric rate. As consumers become more involved with the purchasing decisions and spending habits of one another over their social networks, article marketers who respect and work with these tools are likely to have a significant competitive edge.

My Article Marketing Strategy

Article marketing on article directories is still one of my most important traffic sources despite the diminished effects which article directories have on SEO thanks in large part to the Google Farmer update which was enacted earlier in the year. I get a lot of questions about article marketing, so I figured I would just cover my complete article marketing strategy which I use to enjoy the full benefits of article marketing right now to hopefully answer any questions which anyone might have about this traffic source right now.

Article Marketing Tips: What If You Feel Like You Have Run Out Of Writing Topics?

There comes a time in every article marketer’s life when you begin to wonder if you’ve “said it all”. This article will give you some article marketing tips that will reframe your thinking. If you think about your topic in the right way, you can write indefinitely, without the fear of running out of writing topics.

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