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How to Avoid the Duplicate Content Penalty

There has been a lot written about the effects of duplicate content on website rankings. Have you thought about writing an article and submitting it to different article sites? You’ve heard that you will get penalised by the search engines for submitting the exact same article to different places. This is a false statement and total nonsense.

Traffic Generation Tips – Submitting Articles to Ezine Publishers

In today’s article, I’m going to give you a great tip for getting more traffic to your website by syndicating content. I’m really surprised I haven’t heard more people talking about this, but then again many people seem to keep chasing the latest fad in Internet marketing instead of returning to the fundamentals.

How to Do Content Marketing Instructions

Content marketing, as the name implies, is the process of using content or information to attract attention in the online arena. Personally, I can say that this is an extremely effective strategy especially when done the right way. Some of the great things that you can expect to get from this endeavor are the following; expert status in your niche, stronger online presence, more traffic, and more sales.

How to Write Articles For Profit

You can really make enormous money by writing articles for online users. If you find this unbelievable, let me tell you that me and millions of internet marketers are living proofs. Articles, well, those that are well-written and extremely informative, are the keys to attracting enormous attention online.

Profitable Content Creation – 3 Quick Tips to Turn Your Content Into Online Visibility (Get Found)

Do you know how to turn your content into powerful online visibility? The tips and strategies await you inside this article.

Marketing With Articles – Does Article Marketing Still Help You Build Your Online Business?

Can you still build an online business with Article Marketing? The answer(s) are inside this article.

Auction-Style Freelance Writer Websites – The Content Dollar Store

It is possible to hire a freelance writer for $1 an article, but you usually get what you pay for. There are six skills and qualities a writer must possess, which you may not find from these auction-style websites. There are new types of writing services that provide higher-quality content with faster wait times.

How to Write Articles for Marketing Purposes

There are many reasons people get to writing articles. Articles are very useful components of websites. Practically all websites contain articles of one kind or other. These articles contain important content regarding the website, the products offered and the need or use of the products available on the particular websites.

Article Marketing for Website Traffic

There are many different ways of driving traffic to a website. One of the most effective ways is article marketing.

Article Posting – Top 7 Places to Post the Same Article and Get More Traffic

Have you only been submitting your content to one location? If so, you’re only reaching a narrow audience. In this article I discuss 7 places to post the same article in more than one place to build more backlinks, gain high rankings and generate more traffic.

How to Use Article Marketing to Get Clients

Right now, there are so many different ways to send qualified prospects to your blog or website. Personally, I find article marketing to be the most effective (not to mention, the most cost-efficient). When you write articles, you give online users information; which is exactly what they came in the internet for.

Profitable Article Marketing – 3 Quick Tips for a Prospect Pulling Resource Box (More Conversions)

Do you know 3 things you can do right away to increase the conversions from your articles? The 3 tips await you inside this article.

Marketing With Articles: Learning To Submit Articles Over The Long-Term

Most business owners are not used to writing articles on a regular basis, but it becomes worth their while to learn this skill when they discover that they can increase the visibility of their business and drive more customers to their website through the simple act of writing and submitting articles. So, how do you learn to write on your topic on a regular basis over the long term when you’ve never done such a thing before in your life?

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