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Article Marketing Is Alive and Well for Massive Traffic Generation (Are You Ready?)

Lots of folks can tell you about how to get traffic, very few if any can tell you about how to redirect it exactly where you want it to go and that is what we will be focusing on today. Here we go.

Article Marketing – How It Really Works

If you’ve ever looked at promoting your business online you’ve no doubt heard about article marketing and how beneficial it is to any business – online or offline. Now the question is whether or not you really understand what article marketing is capable of and how it all works?

Why Every Writer Should Use an Article Marketing Company

Article marketing companies, commonly called content mills, are the best thing that writers should join. There are several reasons that writers should know about. You must read this if you are actively writing now.

Savvy Article Marketing: Free Promotion Through Article Directories

If you’re using article marketing to promote your website or business, it’s important that your articles be informative; otherwise, they won’t appeal to publishers and readers. However, what do we really mean by “informative”? In simple terms, an informative article is one that contains information that readers find useful to them.

9 Helpful Tips for Article Marketing Novices

If you’re thinking of trying out something you haven’t done before, like article marketing, you need to be prepared and be aware of what’s involved in the task you’re about to undertake. As an article marketing novice, the following tips can be useful.

Writing Marketing Articles in an Ever Changing World, Compared to Writing About the Craft of Writing

Writing articles on the topic of marketing can be quite a challenge, especially compared to writing articles about the craft of writing. While marketing is continually evolving, the craft of writing is relatively constant.

3 Ways to Get Articles for Your Site Without Writing Them Yourself

Publishing articles on your site is a good way to drive traffic and attract readers. When you have articles containing information that people want and need, you can build a loyal following and even a customer base. However, writing articles is something that not everyone can easily do.

Give Your Website a Traffic Boost With Article Marketing

You can spend your life waiting for a big publisher to discover you or you can get out and be your own publicist. The choice is yours. If you want to start promoting your own work or your business, it is easy to get started.

Article Marketing Spoilers – Some Highlighted Ones

There are several marketers that do not really know about some of the common article marketing spoilers and as a result they are not making the most out of their efforts. These spoilers or mistakes need to be avoided otherwise your campaign would not provide you with sufficient…

Creating Web Content – 10 Creative Steps To Provide Valuable Articles

Creating web content as an aspiring copywriter can be a very rewarding journey and a lonely one as well. When providing articles (creating relevant articles that is), press releases, videos, or content for blog posts, many of these “free” marketing strategies can be an exhausting task if you do not learn, understand, and then know how to create valuable content that will truly stand the test of time..

Putting the Art Back Into Article Writing

Articles posted on the web are like the little girl who has a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. When they are good they are very very good and when they are bad they are horrid. So horrid in fact that Google has decided that enough is enough and started actively reducing the ranking of article farms and sites with poor content. In taking this action Google is acknowledging that while content is great rubbish is not.

The Pros and Cons of Article Marketing for Business Owners

There is a lot of buzz about article marketing on the internet these days. The first step in getting started with article marketing is to understand what it is about. Essentially, the internet is a vast storehouse of information, and that is what people who use the internet are looking for.

The Importance Of Article Marketing

Article marketing is an extremely good way to gain extra exposure for your online business and it is a method that is used by thousands of people every single week. There are however several things that you need to know before thinking of submitting any articles in order to get the most out of them as this can have a direct impact on the amount of extra visitors, and therefore extra money, that you shall get as a result of just sitting down and writing a few paragraphs.

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