1 Trick To Get More Followers

Write Articles in 15 Minutes – Why 1200 Word Articles Are Too Long

If you are writing an article for a magazine or journal, then 1200 words is sufficient. For just about any other purpose, 1200 word articles are too long. Here are a few tips to help you understand how long your articles should be.

Learn How Article Marketing Works – Where to Submit Your Articles For Best Effect

Articles are little marketing mines that you can set all over the web if you submit them to the correct places. There are multiple resources on the web for you to send your articles for best effect. Your own website should not be overlooked either. Here are a few ideas to get the most from your articles.

Learn How Article Marketing Works – Two Great Tips to Creating Great Bios

Author bios are very important but need not be stressful or difficult to write. If you first know your audience, you can narrow your information for that particular audience. Here are two great tips to assist you in writing your bio.

Article Marketing Know How – Generate More Money in the Next 90 Days

So you have a website and you write and submit articles every week. You get about 500 visitors to your site and 200 subscribers each month. That is great by the way.

Write Great Articles That Get Read – How to Escape an Article Marketing Jam

Are you one of the many millions of people online who are stuck in an article marketing jam? You want to build an online presence using articles. You want to build a website that generates a tidy income online generating traffic. You don’t mind doing the work but you’re stuck. You don’t know what to do next.

Article Submission – An Internet Marketing Must-Have

If you are a modern business looking to have success in the new age, then you must be on board with trends in web marketing. Early on in the infancy of the Internet, having a business card or a physical store was enough to get the amount of business that was needed to be successful. Today, if you do not have a carefully planned strategy that includes an online component, you are missing out on a significant amount of revenue.

Your First Time-Submitting to an Article Directory

If you recently made the decision to promote your business with article marketing, you are on the right path to growing your business. Using articles to direct traffic to your site works. It will result in increased traffic, a higher search engine ranking, and you will not be risking anything but time spent. However, before you submit your first article to an article directory, there are a few things you need to know.

Learn How Article Marketing Works – Steps to Increasing Click-Throughs to Your Articles

Articles have a strong online purpose. It is to get web surfers to visit your website to subscribe to your list or make a purchase. Essentially articles are mere modes of transportation. However, no one will be transported to your webpage unless they click and open your article. You can increase click-throughs to your site by following these proven steps.

Article Writing Know How – The Real Importance of Article Marketing

Article marketing is inexpensive and very effective when done correctly. From the standpoint of a website owner, the final goal is not to just have your article read, but for your article to transfer your reader to your website. It is at your website that your reader will make a purchase or become a member of your list.

Why an Article Directory is Great For Your Business?

If you have been trying to break into the world of writing, then you may have found yourself frustrated by all the barriers that seem to lie in front of you. Perhaps your friends and family are always discouraging you. They tell you that you can’t achieve what you would like to achieve. Perhaps they tell you that you need to get a job.

Mindset to Article Writing – How to Get Your Articles Clicked

If you are writing articles for the web, your primary goal is to have them read. Whether freelancing or writing for your website, the only way to judge your article’s effectiveness is to measure how often it gets clicked. Here are a few ideas to help you get your articles clicked more often.

Article Marketing For Link-Building and More

The three basic steps to effective article marketing. A guide on how to use article marketing for reputation building and SEO link building.

Effective List Building Techniques – Generate Responses From Articles

If you are not receiving much response from your articles, it may be due to your lack of good keywords and a poor title. The important part of getting a response is to increase your exposure so that more people see your articles in the first place. After they have been seen, web surfers must be enticed to open it with a provocative title. Here are a couple of ideas to help you generate response from your articles.

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