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How to Build Your Business With Article Marketing in 30 Days (100% Free)

One of the biggest reasons I love article marketing is because it’s pretty much 100% free. You can literally start a brand new business, enter any niche you want no matter HOW competitive or expensive it may be to advertise, and literally be driving traffic to your website in a matter of minutes. (Once your articles are approved of course.)

Social Media: What an Article Marketer Can Learn from an Entertainer About Audience Connection

Articles marketers should use social media to promote their personal brand, the same way that entertainers use TV talk shows to promote their projects. In fact, bloggers and article marketers have the potential to become Internet stars given the fact that the Internet has become a leading source of entertainment for many users.

Content Marketing As a Form of Increasing Long-Term Subscriber Revenue

Content marketing is the process of using content online to generate exposure, credibility, and ultimately qualified prospects to your web site and sales funnel. Unfortunately, in the past, content marketing has sort of been, in my opinion, polluted by an effort to totally systematize the content process. Here’s what I mean: with content marketing, you are using online content to draw traffic to your website, in addition to specifically allowing people to build trust and credibility with you. The ways you might do content marketing are: article marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing. And what I see happen is the people (me included) have chosen one form of content marketing – for example, in my case, article marketing, and used the method exclusively.

Hitting A Home Run With the Right Niche

Getting it right when we start out in internet marketing is often a trial run for newbie marketers – although all of us hope we are hitting a home run with the right niche straight away. There is no such thing as a free lunch as you know – and like any business, online marketing to make money online also requires both learning and work – time and effort. Marketing online as anyone knows is hugely competitive and getting more so.

An Essential Element For Article Marketing On The Internet

Regardless of your topic or demonstration of your expertise, the underlying thing that must come across to readers is that you view them as real people and not as a money tree to be harvested. So it needs to be conveyed that you are thinking of your readers first and foremost..

Is Your Article Marketing Spam?

The potential answer to the question ‘is your article marketing spam or a scam?’ is yes if the article is simply self-serving or product promotional. The good news is that such articles will be rejected by reputable ezines. They want quality content as they need to provide solid useful information for readers.

Article Marketing or Content Marketing? Push Marketing or Pull Marketing?

One of the things I have been mulling lately has been the difference between article marketing and content marketing. By definition, article marketing is a form of content marketing. Article marketing is the process of generating awareness and traffic through writing and posting articles online. Content marketing is the process of generating awareness and traffic through writing and posting content online – content which can include articles.

Best Article Writing Templates – The 4 C’s and What To Do Instead Template (Simple and Powerful)

Want to speed up both your content creation and re-purposing? Then you are gonna love the content creation template inside this article.

Article Marketing Tip – Ezine Articles For Your Internet Traffic Generation

Getting visitors to your website or squeeze page is non-negotiable if you want to build a reputation and to make money online. It is evident that ezine articles for your traffic generation is one of the best shots you will have at making a significant impact in the online business arena.

Three Ways You Can Benefit From Article Marketing!

Most Mentors recommend Article Marketing as an indispensable condition of growing one’s business online. When they talk of guarded secrets, article marketing is one of them. And they just tell their “mentees” to write articles. Why and how the beginner should write articles is held back. The beginners become confounded the more when they are told that that is the only way they can get traffic to their websites. What do they know to write about? Can they really write something rich in content to educate? How does an article promote one’s business online?

Article Marketing: Should I Use A Copywriter?

Depending on how you market, it might be a good idea to hire a copywriter. Just make sure your writing turns people on…not off.

Indoctrinating the Amateur Freelancer: Starting a Freelance Writing Career

Going for freelance writing? Before you tie yourself to an anchor and submerge into the deep sea we all call “freelancing”, you must first understand that being a freelance writer does not only mean a part-time job to exact a day job’s salary.

Six Article Marketing Fundamentals for Successful Online Entrepreneurs

There’s content and then there’s good content. Writing a content that grabs your target readers’ attention is critical to your success. Writing reflects your thoughts to the world and can help you persuade a person. However, writing on internet is different from writing on paper. Here are some fundamentals that you must never miss out while writing your articles.

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